Sunday, February 27, 2011

All Roads Lead to Roxbury


The journey that led to all 8 of my greatgrandparents living at the same time in the small town of Roxbury, Massachusetts.

My ancestors came from Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany and Nova Scotia.  They all traveled by boat.  William Brewster arrived on the Mayflower.   One of the Hegartys, in his attempt to leave Ireland for Nova Scotia, shipwrecked on the coast of Ireland.  His descendants eventually made it to America when the Boyle/Hegarty clans landed at Ellis Island.  The Craibes sailed from Ireland to Nova Scotia, stayed awhile and then traveled down through Canada.  Thomas and Margaret Bowen escaped the Irish Potato Famine.  The Adams fought in the Revolution - two became Presidents.  Philetus Pollock fought in the Civil War in Connecticut.  The Pollock/Pierce clan then migrated from Connecticut to Rhode Island, finally settling in Massachusetts. 

All their roads led to Roxbury - resulting in all 8 of my greatgrandparents living there at the same time.  What are the odds of that?

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