Monday, February 28, 2011

I love a challenge!

On her Roots and Rambles blog, Marian Pierre-Louis has put out a challenge : "What you are you going to do to show the world that genealogists are hip?" The librarians have put out a video. ( I won't post their link here - no free marketing from me!) Knitters are graffiti bombing. Got me thinking because anyone who knows me knows that if there's one thing I love - it's a good challenge! And right after that, of course, is free stuff! So after a pot of hi-test coffee, here's what I came up with.

We could market toward the 'younger' generation - get them interested in genealogy. Why not put our findings in a rap song?? Brilliant - or at least I thought so! Play along with me here and imagine it's Eminem or JayZ presenting the final research to a client. (You DO know who they are, right??) Put on your bling and your shades, cross your arms and strike a pose while I get the music thumping - and then sing along with me:

Just got done with your tree and now who did I see?

Found some secrets gonna blow your fam out to the sea
There's a thing called a census, found a Boyle, first name Clare
Born in eighteen hundred eighty in a place called Kildare

U thought your great-grandma only had four?

Got news for ya, sistah - she had a few more
The baby daddy's name was Theodore Lester
Bet ya never knew they had Theresa and Esther!

They landed at the "Island" back about '23

Moved on to South Boston, lived on Broadway by the T
Their crib - it was small - they lived on the third floor
Paid about a sawbuck for 3 rooms - maybe four

Made his money tanning hides down in Newmarket Square

She spent hours cleaning house for those rich folks O'Hare
She died in 37, he passed on in 58
She had a heart attack, and he was overweight!

So now you know your roots, go pass on my name

And let all your peeps know

What do you think? Is there an Ancestry commercial in my future? Maybe I'll be known as the Comedian Genealogist... :)

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  1. hahahha, perfect! Great one! I can hear the beat in my head now!