Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fearless Females: National Women's History Month Day 3 - Mehitable Cary

March 3 — Do you share a first name with one of your female ancestors? Perhaps you were named for your great-grandmother, or your name follows a particular naming pattern. If not, then list the most unique or unusual female first name you’ve come across in your family tree.

My name, Diane, is not a family name - I was named after my mother's best friend.  I have no ancestors (to my knowledge) who share the name.  This gives me the chance, though, to write about Mehitabel Cary - I love that name!  Mehitabel (1670-1724) was my 8th greatgrandmother:

Mehitabel Cary (1670 - 1724)
is your 8th great grandmother
Son of Ira
Walter Jonathan Adams (1885 - 1937)

You are the daughter of Christine 

Mehitabel was born in Bridgewater, MA, on Christmas Eve, 1670.

Mehitabel married Elisha Adams in 1689.  Elisha was the grandson of Henry Adams, who was also the 2nd greatgrandfather of President John Adams.

But wait - there's more!

After Elisha's death in 1698, she married for a second time.  I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw who her second husband was: Miles Standish (1669-1728) - the grandson of THE Miles Standish of Plymouth Colony!

Although that marriage did not make me a blood relative of Miles Standish, I am a blood relative through a different line.  They married in 1700 in Rhode Island and then moved on to CT, which was their place of death.

Little did Mehitabel know - she had married into two historically important early American families!  

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great name!! My hubby's grandmother was name Mary Mehittable.