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Fearless Females: National Women's History Month Day 4 - Weddings

March 4 — Do you have marriage records for your grandparents or great-grandparents? Write a post about where they were married and when. Any family stories about the wedding day? Post a photo too if you have one.

I don't really have any stories about any of my grandparents' or greatgrandparents' weddings.  It seems, though, that they all had one thing in common: they were small weddings with immediate family and friends only.  

My father's parents, Henry Bowen/Elizabeth Boyle, were married in the priest's residence near where they lived on Cabot Street in Roxbury and had 15 children together. 
Elizabeth Boyle
Henry Bowen

My mother's parents, Walter Adams/Mildred Pollock, were also married by a priest at 75 Union Park in Roxbury in 1937.  Unfortunately, I have no pictures of Walter and no early pictures of Mildred.
My paternal greatgrandparents, Simon Boyle/Ella Hegarty, met while Ella was serving as a domestic at a party in Dedham, MA.  They were married on the 4th of July, 1909 at 21 Minot Street in Dorchester, MA.  Ella died in 1958, Simon two weeks after her - it is said of a broken heart.  (We're Irish - of course that's going to be the lore!)
Ella and Simon with my grandmother, Elizabeth, (standing right) and Uncle Joe, sitting on Ella's lap. That's Simon's brother, James, standing in the back.
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Henry Anthony Bowen and Mary Louisa Craibe were married on February 8, 1906 in St. Patrick's Church in Roxbury - the same church where future generations celebrated weddings, Christenings, burials and graduations.  That church holds a lot of history for our family.  Henry, his son, Henry and my father all worked there for many years.
Henry Anthony Bowen and Mary Louisa Craibe

My maternal greatgrandparents, George Pollock and Evelyn Pierce, married on September 30, 1911 in Fall River, MA.  They ended up having 16 children together!  I have no early pictures of them, either.

My other maternal greatgrandparents were Walter Jonathan Adams and Theresa Curran.  Their date of marriage is still under investigation (see my earlier blog) and I have no pictures of them, either.

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