Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Mystery of Philetus Pollock and Susan Brewster

Philetus Pollock and Susan Brewster are my 3rd greatgrandparents and they are one of my biggest brick walls.  Philetus was born in 1826 in Canterbury, CT and Susan was born in anywhere from 1832 to 1835 in Franklin, CT - depending on which census you look at.  I've never been able to definitively find Philetus' parents, but I think his father may be William Pollock, born 1800 in CT.  I have Susan's death certificate, so know who her parents are, but have never been able to find a birth record.

I got a copy of Philetus' NARA record and in those records is a form he signed stating he and Susan were married on October 12, 1848 in Franklin, CT by the Reverend Dr. Nott.  I've called several town clerks in that area and no one has a record of that marriage.  However, I called the Franklin town clerk again today and she found a marriage record for Philetus Pollock and Susan POLLOCK from May 3, 1857!  They have a daughter, Emma, who was born in 1853.  Did they divorce and remarry??  The clerk read the marriage record to me and of course, no parents' names are listed, but it did say that Susan was born in Franklin, CT, so hopefully her birth record will be on the film I've ordered from familysearch.org.

The clerk also gave me the name and number for a person at the church in town that keeps the records of Reverend Dr. Nott but I haven't been able to reach her yet.

I think a road trip to Connecticut is in order for this spring to see if I can solve this mystery!

Thanks for reading!

ADDENDUM: I did end up finding the original marriage certificate - of course, no parents' names for Philetus.  So it does look like they married, divorced and remarried.

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